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Health trails in Kasern

In the first health village in South Tirol, great worth is placed on calmness for humans and animals and the maintaining the fragile ecology system. The Prettau health trail consists of a length of approximately 4 km. A great distance for ones wellbeing. The movement in the forest, the beautiful sights in and out of the forest, spending time at the nature fond or at the waterfall and the various water activities. Add greatly to the strengthening and resistance forces and the health in general. The trail is located between 1545 and 1620 m above sea level and is easy to reach.

Health trails in Kasern
Health trails in Kasern
Health trails in Kasern
Health trails in Kasern

Passing of time

Passing of time

  1. From the mine to the naturpark
    In the first health village of South Tirol much value is placed on the relaxation for man and animals and the preservation of the fragile ecology.
  2. Prettau the island of respiration
  3. Forest, calmness and high mountain air.
  4. The settlements in the miners harrow
    In the miner’s harrow stood 10 miners buildings in Prettau a total of almost 70.
  5. The reforestation of protective forests
    The cutting down of trees for the roosting and melting of the copper are created havoc in the Ahrn Valley in a disaster like way: avalanches, high water and gigantic rockslides devastated the settlings of the people.
  6. The saint Rebecca mine shaft
    The Saint Rebecca mine Shaft was until the second half of the 18th century in operation.
  7. Copper is life
  8. Spend time at the Rötwaterfall
    The raging and foaming of the Röstwaterfall provides moments of good fortune and the security of nature.
  9. In the mores, by egge Schmied
    in this original miners Building lived one of last Prettauer miners until recent jears.
  10. Continuing on to the Tauernfenster
    the nature park “Rieserferner-Ahrn, the high mountan-naturpark Ziller Valley Alps and the national park “Hohe Tauern” constitute an upper regional protected unit, named Tauernfenster.
  11. A great variety at the nature pond
    Every moisture cell, every pond attracts a variety of animals and plants, one can almost compare it to an apartment house.
  12. Barhopping and trampling in the water
  13. Going bare foot, the healthy conditioning
  14. The church of the Holy Ghost
    Was consecrated in the year 1455 in honor of the holy ghost and became early an a pilgrim church.
  15. A place of strength
  16. The Prettau alms
    A special feature of the Ahrn Valley are the alms, which are situated on this side of the main alp ridges.

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