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Ski Tours in Ahrn Valley

Here our guests and mountain lovers can find a classic selection of skitoure suggestions for the Ahrn Valley


Classical Skitours

  1. Dreiherrnspitze (3499 m)
    height differential: 1900 m
    ascend-travel time 6-7 hours
    exhilarating, highalpine spring-skitoure
    north west decend
    2 routes – starting point Kasern
    route 1 Kasern – Trinkstein – Lahneralm- outer Lahnerkees – summit (up to 45° grade)
    route 2 Kasern – Windtal – rear Umbaltörl – Althousekees – summit. Ice equipment is required

  2. Rötspitze (3495 m) between Rötsattel / lower Rötspitze (3300 m)
    height differential 1900 m between 1700 m
    ascend-travel time 5-7 hours
    high alpine – spring ski tour – north descend
    starting point: Kasern – Röttal (or Windtal) Lenkjöchlhütte – Rötkees – Rötsattel between – summit
    ice equipment is required

  3. Ahrner Kopf
    height differential (1450 m)
    ascend-travel time 4,5 – 5,5 hours
    starting point: Kasern-Windtal-Towards rear Umbaltörl,- Towards 2700 m right in Südgrat and towards north to the summit

  4. Eastern Rosshuf (3200 m)
    height differential: 1600 m
    ascend-travel time: 4,5 -5,5 hours
    starting point: Kasern-Windtal-Rear Umbaltörl-Rosshuf

  5. Little Löffler
    Height differential: 1450 m
    ascend-travel time: 4-5 hours
    starting point: Kasern-Röttal (outer Rötalpe- over this, towards the valley until approx. 2300 m
    ascend, then always on the north easterly cliff until under the rock out groping of the Rötfleckkees over the steep cliff to the summit
  6. Sattelspitze (2850 m)
    height differential: 1250 m
    ascend-travel time: 3-3,5 hours
    starting point: Kasern- Bridge over the Ahrn creek – in the forrest direction left through the forrest- over the alm way direction north east

  7. Merbjoch (2830 m)
    height differential: 1350 m
    ascend travel time: 3-3,5 hours
    starting point: Prettau-Merb Alm direction south jagged terrain.
    easy to middle difficulty tour. Mostly good powder snow

  8. Rauchkofel (3250 m)
    Height differential: 1600 m
    ascend-travel time: 5-6 hours
    starting point: Prettau or Kasern (south slopes)
    from Prettau over the forst street to the Waldner Alm
    from Kasern over the almway to the forrest edge and left and left again over south-or south west flank to the summit

  9. Krimmler Tauern with the Schöntalkopf (2770 m)
    height differential: 1200 m
    ascend-travel time: 3,5 hours (south slope)
    starting point: Kasern-Trinkstein-Tauernalm-Before Neugersdorfer Hütte-Joch-left over the cut continuing up to Schöntal peak or righto up to the Tauern peak

  10. Dreiecker and/or the Windbach summit (2890 between 2870 m)
    height differential: approx. 1300 m
    ascend-travel time: 4 hours (south slope)
    starting point: Kasern-Prastmann-over the steep forrest right from Nöblass bach to the forrest edge-right from geiregger edge to the jagged edge or up to the summit

  11. Winkelkopf (2858 m)
    height differential: 1258 m
    ascend-travel time: 3,50 hours (south slope)
    starting point: Kasern-over the almway mark 15 to the forrest border, left to the Niederwieseralm-Rinderflecke-South to Schulter-over the Snowridge to the summit.
    descend by approx. 2200 m remain to the left and then continue to descen over Nöblassbachgraben



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